Postponing Repairs on Minor Roof Problems can Either Mean You are Very Rich or You Just Love Spending so much Cash

Roofs protect people from forces of nature, including hurricanes, hail, rain, snow, heat, etc., at the same time, it also provides all kinds of structures a distinctive aesthetic look and style. Today, there are more than a dozen available roof types and landscaping styles one can choose from; one can even combine any of the available basic types and styles, making a structure more stylish and defined.

Even roofs, however, are subject to wear and tear, making these last only within a number of years after installation. Thus, as roof ages, problems will inevitably set in and, if a roof is not properly and routinely maintained, then even minor problems can become catastrophic.

Home and building owners who have already experienced roof problems know fully well that these can be a source of significant spending and great inconvenience. They share one common mistake, actually: postponing repairs of their roof while the problems are still minor since they think that can save money, time, and effort this way. One thing they forget is the fact that minor roof problems intensify over time, becoming major problems and making repairs much more costly.

According to commercial roofers in Fort Lauderdale, these are the signs that will indicate you need to have your roof repaired, restored or replaced:

  • More than 20 years have passed since your roof was installed, restored or replaced;
  • There are cracks or breaks around vents, chimney or skylight;
  • You see beams of light through the top of the house or stains which are indicative of leaks due to cracks;
  • There is damage to the roof vent;
  • There are cracked, damaged, buckling or missing shingles, especially after a heavy storm or other natural calamities;
  • There is clear evidence of rotting boards, trapped moisture, or sagging spots and clogged gutters; and,
  • There is moss, mold and fungi which is indicative of trapped moisture;

These roof problems do not just appear, but results of minor problems which were noticed but ignored. Some of these problems include:

  • Poor or faulty roof installation;
  • Leaks and moisture due to rain, snow, ice, wind, hail and debris;
  • Poorly attached flashing which cause seams and laps and the tiles to blow-off;
  • Birds and insects and other small animals nesting under the roof;
  • Ponding water, which is usually be due to improperly designed drainage or debris buildup;
  • Punctures and penetrations cause by wind and hail;
  • Crack on the roof caused by overhanging, falling or heavy tree branches that rub on it;
  • Poor roof and attic ventilation, which can damage rafters sheathing, and shingles or cause moisture build up. This can also lead to mold and mildew problems; and,
  • Improper or lack of maintenance. Roofs which are properly maintained can mean longer roof life, a poorly maintained one, however, can result to early roof repair or restoration.

Roof problems need to be expertly diagnosed and given immediate solution. Once minor problems are allowed to intensify (by postponing repairs), then expect headache-causing and costly solutions to possible major damages.

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