Hit the Brake Before You Hit ‘Send’

As technology continues to evolve in order to meet the demands of humans it is imperative that it evolves alongside ethical guidelines that ensure it will be used to assist humans rather than injure them. Distracted driving is a huge cause for accidents around the world every single day. Due to highly active schedules and lack of self-control these devices are currently doing more to harm our species than they are to provide efficient computing and communication services. If cell phones are going to continue to be an extension of our physical bodies then it is the responsibility of manufacturers, on both sides, to collaborate with the intention of providing safe utilizations of phone technology in cars.

Many cars now come with fancy gadgets and glowing displays of different technological functions. The auto industry is doing everything it can to make sure that their new models are compatible with the most popular devices available to consumers. Certain companies have gone as far as to work directly with tech giants like Apple with the vision of creating a car entertainment system that acts an extension for the iPhone. According to the National Safety Council, there is a newfound concern in the way we gather crash data for accidents involving cell phone use. Their findings suggest that we do not have an accurate pool of data for cell phone related crashes because authorities and drivers are not reporting when a cell phone was used and caused the accident. This means we can not accurately make conclusions involving these cases. Without accurate crash data, there is no hope of prevention for the future. Typically auto accidents that are classified as being caused by distracted driving are followed up by possible legal action. Victims who suffered from serious injury and were left with a surplus of medical expenses or other inconveniences usually have the right to seek proper compensation for their ailments. Cell phone use will continue to be a menace to society unless it is dealt with properly in a manner that is sensical for all sides.

Whatever the causes may be in a distracted driving accident it is imperative that the victim always follow procedures with law enforcement and have a documented visit to the hospital to decrease the likelihood of lasting injury. In cases where the victim did not go to a doctor, there were increased chances of severe internal injuries and lack of credibility in a court case due to the absence of a medical professional’s opinion that would stand in court against the defense.

In summary, driving on the roads of the world can be a dangerous bargain with one’s own life or the lives of others on the road at the same time. In the event that you experience the trauma of a severe auto accident, it is greatly advised that you seek proper medical attention to prevent the onset of hidden injury. Together, as a global community, we must work together to accurately record crash data involving cell phones so that we can leave a safer future for coming generations

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