“Maryline played an integral and instrumental role in caring for our premature triplets (and us!) from the moment they came home. Always extremely knowledgeable, professional, nurturing, calm and supportive, Maryline anticipated our needs and intuitively understood our baby-related concerns. From correcting an over-looked pumping issue, to doing the 3am feed, to stepping in to soothe another colicky baby when we were too exhausted to speak, Maryline was our life-line. There were many days when we counted the minutes until her arrival, knowing that everything would be better once she was there to lend a hand, an ear and a shoulder. The babies absolutely adored her, as did we.

I simply cannot imagine trying to survive those first few months without Maryline's exceptional care”

Sandra, Ottawa

“Hiring Maryline was a great decision. As a first time mother of twin boys the amount work was way more than I had anticipated. I hesitated getting help at first, trying to do everything myself with some help from my mother and mother-in-law. After a few weeks it was clear that I needed more assistance. Maryline came by 2 or 3 times a week for the first 3 months. She was extremely calm and caring with the boys and helped out with the housework. She would provide advice/assistance when asked but always followed my wishes and was non-judgemental. She gave me the peace of mind and rest that I needed. It's clear that she loves her job and is very professional.

For anyone hesitating: do it for yourself, it's worth it!”

K., Ottawa

“Maryline is exceptional! We are first time parents to a premature baby, she came to our rescue and created a calm environment. She reassured us that everything we are experiencing is normal and not to worry too much. She has a great wealth of experience, knowledge and skills in caring for both the baby and the mother. She is very caring and professional. Our baby loved her! We learned so many techniques in creating a calm environment while preparing for his night time routine and breast feeding. We highly recommend her to all mothers especially during the first few weeks of the baby's arrival. It is very important to get all the support and help in order to avoid exhaustion and postpartum depression.”

R.B, Ottawa

“For the first 4 months of my son's life, he had colic and severe/uncontrolled reflux. As a result, he was screaming day and night. By the time the colic subsided and the reflux got under control, he did not know how to sleep for long periods of time (i.e. 30-45 minute naps, waking every 2 hours) and was chronically overtired (as was I!).

After 5 months of very little sleep and only small successes in correcting the issues on our own, I contacted Maryline as she was highly recommended to me by my neighbour. Maryline assessed the situation and was able to pinpoint rather quickly what was causing our son to take very short naps during the day and waking up a few times in the night. We diligently implemented the changes recommended by Maryline and within a couple of weeks my son is now taking 2 hours naps twice a day and is only waking 1-2 times a night for feedings.

I am so grateful to have worked with Maryline! She is knowledgeable, calm and kind and I feel very good knowing that she is only an email away. I recommend Maryline to any Mom I hear is having sleep issues with their baby. ”

Alisa, Ottawa

“After the birth of my second child, I experienced intense postpartum anxiety. To make matters worse, my daughter had acid reflux and did not sleep well at all. I was overwhelmed, anxious, scared and was worried about how I was going to get through the first few months. I decided that I needed some help and searched for a postpartum doula. Maryline came to my rescue. She was so kind and caring with my daughter and I. She provided me with reassurance and respite. She was also a fountain of knowledge regarding baby care. Knowing that Maryline was only a phone call away if I needed support was my saving grace during the difficult period that I faced.

Thank you Maryline! I highly recommend her to any new mom. ”

E., Ottawa

“I hired Maryline once my son reached 5 months and had I known of her services I would have hired her much sooner. This is my first child and prior to meeting Maryline I was feeling very anxious. I was extremely sleep deprived and could not think clearly. I constantly doubted myself; always worrying I was doing something wrong and feeling guilty I wasn’t caring for my son properly. Maryline provided so much emotional support and reassurance to help me get over my anxiety. She also helped me fix the main source of my problems, that being my lack of sleep. Prior to meeting Maryline the longest my son would sleep at night was 2 hours. With Maryline’s excellent advice and support I was able to get my son to sleep longer. Within weeks he is already able to sleep up to 6 hours at a time.

I will definitely be calling Maryline if I have another baby!”

M., Ottawa

“When I got my second baby, I thought I knew it all- breastfeeding, sleep tactics…. Effectively, everything went well till my baby became three months. Then everything started going wrong for no clear reason to me. My baby started breastfeeding every half an hour, would not nap and worst of all would wake up every hour at night. So, from a confident and relaxed mom, I became an anxious and extremely confused person. Of course, as most of us do, I would go to the net and look for any reason or solution there. Unfortunately, this made me even more confused. This unfortunate situation went on till I met Maryline. Thanks to her great experience, insightful remarks and especially her caring and dedicated attitude, things got back to normal for me and my baby.

I highly recommend her to any new mom.”

Lana, Ottawa

“Dear Maryline

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

I am so happy that I chose you as my postpartum doula when my precious J. was born.

I greatly appreciate everything you did, from keeping M. entertained, to settling J., making food, helping with nursing and most of all for identifying Joseph's lip/tongue tie.

Once the lip and tongue tie were corrected things got much better. Thank you for your continued support, it's nice to know I can count on calling you when I have questions.”

M., Ottawa

“I decided to call Maryline, after going through five months of severe reflux (screaming all day and night) with my son. Even after it was more in control, he still did not sleep more than 45 minutes for naps and got up frequently at night as well. When Maryline came over she helped me to implement a sleep routine as well as informed me on some techniques to help him to sleep longer. This was a life saver! With this change, my son is now taking 2 hour naps and is getting up less at night. I felt like I had a whole new baby!

Maryline has also gave me other baby advice and support. The additional help around the house and being able to watch, play, and feed my son gave me the time for some well needed naps.

I cannot thank her enough for the great advice and help. I would recommend her to all my friends!!”

N., Ottawa

“I hired Maryline again to help me with my newborn daughter who was only just over a month old. My daughter was not napping well, did not seem to be settled after I breastfed her and was very fussy. Maryline identified that my daughter had a fairly severe tongue tie and referred me to a doctor to have it fixed. This tongue tie affected my daughter's latch while breastfeeding. Her poor latch was upsetting her stomach, not allowing her to eat enough at a time to be satisfied or settle down for a nap.

My daughter is now breastfeeding and napping much better! Thank you Maryline!”

M., Ottawa

“We cannot say enough about Maryline. Our first child was sensitive to everything and cried nonstop for the first four months. When we found out we were pregnant again we decided to look into having help through this early period. Although our second baby was much calmer, having Maryline's great advice and nonjudgmental support was invaluable, and I believe played a big part in the fact that our child was calm and slept well. In fact, almost from the beginning our daughter was able to tell day from night, sleeping longer periods through the night and sleeping through the night early on.

Right from the beginning, her expertise in breastfeeding and sleep techniques helped us to get into a great natural rhythm with our daughter and really took a lot of the stress out of this period, allowing us to really enjoy this time with her, as well as have time to spend with our other daughter.”

C. & R., Ottawa

“I found the first few weeks as a first time mom very difficult. My newborn baby seemed to want to feed very frequently such that I barely found time to get any rest or make myself meals. I was completely exhausted.

My husband and I contacted Maryline to see if she could help me out. On every visit, Maryline provided me with valuable information and advice on why my baby was behaving in certain ways and how I could alter his behaviour and habits. I put them into practice and saw immediate positive results.

Maryline also prepared tasty, healthy meals and snacks for me. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to chat with her as well, and felt complete trust in her caring for my baby while I found time to rest. While I rested Maryline further helped me by taking care of household chores that I couldn't find time to finish. With Maryline's help I soon felt much more confident in taking care of my baby. Best of all, I was able to find the rest, energy and tools I needed to help me move forward.

Thank you Maryline!”

S, Ottawa

“I am extremely grateful for Maryline's support following the birth of my second child. With my husband working out of town Monday through Friday I was anxious about managing two little ones on my own. Maryline's help and reassurance was invaluable as I navigated the first months, particularly during the challenging evening hours from dinner to bedtime. I really appreciated her insights on everything from establishing sleep routines to managing the transition for my 2 year old.

I would recommend Maryline to anyone with a newborn. ”

Alexa, Ottawa

“As first time parents my husband and me (but especially me) have been super happy with Maryline’s presence: of course it was nice to have an extra pair of helping hands but for us it was foremost the great advice on breastfeeding and baby care she gave us. The first weeks have a pretty steep learning curve and every time Maryline dropped by I learned one or two super important things on feeding which would have taken me much longer to identify and then resolve by myself. ”

G., Ottawa

“We feel very fortunate to have had Maryline as our postpartum doula. She is a kind and compassionate person and is very supportive and respectful. She has excellent knowledge and anticipated our post-partum needs. She was wonderful and gentle with our son and he was always happy to see her. We are very grateful to have her help for several months and can recommend her whole-heartedly.”

S., Ottawa

“Hiring Maryline made the difference between merely coping and actually enjoying the first weeks of my son's life. In a few short hours, Maryline was able to make us a pot of delicious soup, tackle a pile of dirty laundry, and soothe the baby to sleep. I also felt comfortable leaving my newborn with her for a little while so that I could go out for a much-needed break. She is supportive and non-judgemental.”

Darcie, Ottawa

“After the birth of my first baby, I was feeling overwhelmed and sleep deprived. I became really anxious. Maryline's help made a big difference. I could sleep more during the day. Furthermore, Maryline gave me wise advices that reassured me. She developed a loving relationship with the baby which delighted me. My husband and I went through very stressful situations when the baby was 2 months and a half. Each time, Maryline showed up immediately to offer her physical and emotional support. I will be grateful for ever. Maryline is a "babies professional". She adapts to different situations and reacts with good judgement. Her calm, her knowledge and her efficiency inspires confidence.

Maryline allowed me to go through a very stressful and demanding time with more serenity. ”

G., Gatineau

“Who would ever think we could get eight hours of sleep a night with three children under the age of two. With the wonderful service that Maryline provided we were able to do so. With the arrival of our twin sons and no family that could help us out, we thought it would be in our best interest to invest in Maryline’s service. We felt very comfortable having her in our home caring for our babies a couple of nights a week. Having a very warm, trusting and caring demeanor we felt at ease leaving our babies in her care.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who is expecting multiples or parents who just need a break. Thank you so much.”

Shelly and Brent, Ottawa

“I highly recommend Maryline's services. Maryline's professionalism, care and knowledge helped me and my family adapt to our new little one. Maryline's presence meant that I was able to rest during the first, often more difficult, weeks of my daughter's life.

Our family will be forever grateful for the time Maryline spent with us.”

Isabelle, Aylmer

“Maryline provided excellent care for both myself and my newborn daughter, and was a great help at a difficult time. Neither my husband nor I have family in town, so the assistance of Maryline in the early days of our daughter 's life was invaluable. Maryline taught us some practical things about how to comfort a newborn (swaddling, etc), tips on breastfeeding, and also held the baby for us so that we could take a few hours to nap!

I would highly recommend the services of Maryline if you need some extra help in those early newborn days!”

Holly, Ottawa