What a postpartum doula is

Doula is a term from ancient Greek which means "woman’s maid". A postpartum doula will support you after birth, for a few weeks to a few months, creating an environment that will be favourable for you to bond with your child.

The arrival of a baby is the most important event in the life of a woman. The postpartum doula is available to allow you to live this great adventure to its fullest, while remaining serene and totally fulfilled. She is also able to support you with breastfeeding. Numerous studies have shown that mothers accompanied after birth are noticeably more successful with breastfeeding.

By providing support, the postpartum doula allows you to dedicate yourself completely to your baby, without having to worry about material issues. She listens to your desires and your needs and follows you in your choices without judgment.

After the delivery, the sensitivity of the new mom is at its peak; the doula lends a careful ear to your fears and your worries and knows how to reassure you, which reduces the risks of postpartum depression.

Services I Offer

I support the new mom at home and allow her to rest while I take care of the baby (bathing, diapers, rocking...).

I can teach the parents various swaddling methods or how to use a baby sling, and also provide answers to their concerns and questions.

Breastfeeding is close to many moms' hearts; I will help you reach your goal, if this is your choice, by letting you benefit from my knowledge and experience (positions, engorgements soothing...).

I can pick up groceries, prepare healthy meals and snacks, and perform light domestic tasks.

I can also take care of older siblings who need special attention as they adapt to their new life.

I am able to share with you the resources available in your community which I have gathered (breastfeeding clinics, playgroups...).

However, DONA's code of ethics forbids me to provide you with any medical opinions; if necessary, I will redirect you to a health professional.

I work by blocks of 3 hours or more at a rate of $25 per hour and I can be available evenings and nights.

Feel free to ask for gift certificates!