Dozing Off while Driving a Truck: What Results can a Truck Driver Expect

In August 2010, a triple trailer truck rammed into a Ford Focus before ramming into five other vehicles. The driver of the Ford Focus died, another occupant suffered a crushed skull that resulted to traumatic brain injury, while a third suffered a broken pelvis and eye socket.

In June 2014, another truck accident killed four members of a Texas community college women’s softball team, put comedian Tracy Morgan into a coma and killed his co-comedian James McNair. In both 2010 and 2014 truck accidents, the drivers of the trucks had the same fault: both were too sleepy and actually dozed off prior to ramming the other vehicles and killing most of the occupants.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which is the agency in the U.S. Department of Transportation, that is in charge of regulating the trucking industry in the United States believes that a vast majority of truckers, especially veteran truck drivers, are responsible drives who drive well within reasonable limits. Some others, however, are often tempted to push themselves to their limits (in order to take home bigger pays), putting so many other motorists at risk. This is because drivers are paid by the mile and never get overtime pay. Thus, to earn more, many end up driving despite lack of sleep or having no sleep at all. As a result, at least 4,000 fatal truck crashes and more than 100,00 leading to injuries are recorded by the U.S. Department of Transportation every year, with trucker fatigue being the most common cause of these crashes.

Houston truck accident attorneys say that while every motorist has the duty to safely and properly operate their vehicles in a manner that will not cause harm to others on the road, truck drivers have an even greater responsibility due to the devastating amount of damage commercial trucks can cause in accidents. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers fulfill this important duty, sometimes making reckless decisions that endanger the lives and well-being of innocent drivers on the road.

Trucks pose a major threat to other motorists because of the considerable difference in size and power between these trucks and most other vehicles on the road. Indeed, truck accidents tend to have far more serious effects than any other type of car accident in which a person may be involved. Getting hurt in a trucking accident can have life-altering consequences – more than enough reason to hold erring truck drivers and/or their employers to make them pay for the unjust damages that they cause.

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